Monday, March 7, 2011

Daily Disney Planning Tip

How do you help prevent the massive "I want see's" when you and your family get to Walt Disney World? It's hard enough for me, a 35 year old adult, to not want everything I see!!! Here are some things you can get ahead of time!

You can buy Disney tshirts on sale ahead of time!

Pin trading is a very popular thing to do down at Walt Disney World - get a laynard ahead of time and check the Disney store and ebay for pins that are on sale!

Pick up or make an autograph book ahead of time!

Buy a gift card at the Disney Store with a limit. Give that to each child so that they know ahead of time how much fun money they can spend.

Another helpful tip is to put in place ahead of time how many "treats" and/or souvenirs each child can get and the price limit.

Happy Planning!

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