Thursday, October 11, 2012

A True Love Story

I get teased a lot for my Disney "enthusiasm". I'm a girl who is 36, still watches Disney movies, and goes to Disney World every year! I think some people don't give Disney a fair chance and just think its for the kids. What if I told you the most romantic story every told is in 5 minutes of animated silent film? And Disney.

Since I love Disney movies so much, my wonderful hubby took me to see Up!. I expected to laugh and giggle and just have a wonderful time at the movies with my buttered popcorn and junior mints. What I didn't expect was to have a story resonate so deeply and have such profound meaning in my life.

Here is what changed me life.

With no words...this is the love story that parallels my life.  I never anticipated being in this position. I knew marriage would have its own set of complications and problems coming up but never did I think it would be to start a family. If you were to ask me, from the time I was 5 to the present, what is the one thing I want to be when I grow up? I would answer then as I answer be a mother.

When we started this fertility treatment journey, Niles, that wonderful husband of mine, surprised me with this on my lap top as my wall paper.

The similarities in this love story go beyond just the struggles to have a family. I'm the chatty one...Niles, not so much. We love fixing up old houses and making them our own. And when we met on, we talked about our adventures. And that has been a theme of our marriage. What adventures would we go on together and that we would always be okay as long as we had each other...and packed snacks.

When you struggle with fertility, there is so much pain and confusion. I am blessed and thankful to have a husband who has held my hand on every step of this journey. It hasn't been easy, but he has been there holding my hand. So the hand prints, displayed on the mailbox, is another theme we share with Ellie and Carl.

Tomorrow we become one step closer to our dreams and another step on this adventure. I know now that what ever happens, Niles and I, like Ellie and Carl, will be okay, because we have each other.

I love you, Niles.

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  1. awesome hun!! You guys are so in my prayers ( FYI..Alison from