Sunday, October 7, 2012

Social media does bring people together

In the past, I have not been very personal on this blog. I have kept it to ideas and links for kids and Disney. But I wanted to share this story. For those of you who have been following me, I have been off the blog for awhile. My wonderful husband and I had a very hard year trying to start our family. We have been going through fertility treatments, and all 5 were unsuccessful. With the support of family and friends, we feel that it is time to start again and we will be starting this month. In the past year, I felt like I was under a cloud or in a fog. It didn't feel real and I didn't feel like myself. The people around me have helped me to find myself again.

One of those amazing connections is one that I can hardly believe. In 2001, I was a teacher. My first real classroom. One of those families and I became very close. After 2 years of teaching at that school, I left and we stayed in touch every Christmas. Since my days teaching, I have moved twice. I received a Christmas card some time in January as it went to an old address. Inside were photos of my student standing in the Capital Building. I couldn't believe it as I live just minutes from DC! I read the letter - did the math as it must be mathematically impossible that my student is old enough to be in college (its not - the math is right!).  And not only is she close by but so are her parents! I hopped on facebook and found my former student and then connected with her parents and we spent quite a few wonderful summer days together in DC! It was wonderful to be connected again!

I have a new blog design and my logo at the top was designed by former student!  Sara is one of the most brilliant and beautiful girls I know! Her mom Sherry is one of the kindest and most generous giving women I know! And I am so blessed to have them both back in my life.

I find it amazing how in your time of need, God has a way of bringing people together. With this big world we live in and how fast things move, its easy to get lost or loose people. I know the social media world is a scary one. But if it wasn't for world wide web, I wouldn't have found my husband or be able to stay in touch so easily with my brother who lives 3 time zones away. Or find friends from long ago. It does have its advantages!!! I am so grateful to have found Sara and Sherry again! Thank you Sara for the beautiful new logo!

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